The Desert Southwest Declaration
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We, the undersigned clergy of The Desert Southwest Conference of the United Methodist Church acknowledge the harm done by the recent actions taken at the global gathering of our denomination known as the General Conference 2019.

We acknowledge the harm that has been done to our LGBTQ siblings, our witness to the love of Jesus Christ and the church. We grieve and lament the actions of this General Conference in tightening restrictions on the ordination of LGBTQ clergy and maintaining prohibitions against our clergy performing same-gender weddings. These actions continue to erode our witness to the world as followers of Christ and continue to inflict harm on our communities and congregations.

We in the Desert Southwest Conference have a longstanding tradition and commitment to justice and equality for all God’s people, including our LGBTQ siblings and as such:

We firmly reject the outcome of the 2019 General Conference as it denies our understanding of Scripture and our Wesleyan heritage which is rooted in love and grace.

We also acknowledge that the outcome of General Conference breaks Wesley’s first rule: Do no harm. We stand firmly within our baptismal vows to follow Jesus by resisting “evil, injustice and oppression in whatever forms they present themselves.”

We stand with clergy and congregations who choose to follow their conscience and offer pastoral care and leadership to all God’s people and will not discriminate. We affirm our authority as clergy to perform marriages per our conscience for our congregants and our communities.

We stand with our Board of Ordained Ministry which continues to consider candidates’ gifts and graces for ministry and not their sexual orientation or gender identity.

We stand with our LGBTQ clergy and congregants who are called and gifted for ministry, who are of sacred worth, and who are wanted and needed in our churches and for our Christian witness.

In Christ,

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The Signers

Rev. Stephen Govett

Rev. Melissa Rynders

Rev. Dan Hurlbert

Rev. David C. Rennick

Rev. Paul Cho

Rev. Sarai Case

Rev. Dr. Rula Colvin

Rev. Hannah Adair Bonner

Rev. James David Ek

Rev. Cynthia Langston Kirk

Rev. Dr. Kristin Longenecker Hansen

Pastor Christopher J.C. Wurpts

Rev. Anna N Bell

Rev. Patti Blackwood

Rev. Amy Barron-Gafford

Pastor Wendy Swanson

Rev. Rosemary Anderson

Rev. Michael Patzloff

Rev. Ann Lyter

Rev. Kimberly Scott

Pastor Diamond Pate

Rev. Anthony Tang

Rev. Tweedy Sombrero Navarrete

Rev. Katie Fuchs

Rev. Jody Topping

Rev. Rosemary Anderson

Pastor Linda Larsen

Rev. Eve Williams

Rev. Tina Marie Rees

Rev. Dr. Mark W Lansberry

Rev. Dr. Candace J. Lansberry

Pastor Bob Lind

Rev. Nancy Cushman

Rev. Mary Dotson

Rev. Dr. Dottie Escobedo-Frank

Rev. Jim Wiltbank

Rev. Efraín Zavala

Rev. Bob Holliday

Rev. Dr. David Summers

Rev. Doug Handlong

Rev. Sandy Johnson

Pastor Jamie Booth

Pastor Kimber Govett

Rev. Joel Bullock

Rev. Beverly Devine

Rev. David Wasson

Rev. Court M. Fischer

Rev. Sharon Pajak

Rev. Terri Hubbard

Rev. Corby Jo Johnson

Rev. Jay Cooper

Rev. Raven Gaston

Rev. Dr. David Wilkinson

Rev. Billy Still

Rev. Susan Holden

Rev. Rex A.Sprink

Rev. Karen Vannoy

Rev. Jim Robinson

Rev. Dee Dee Azhikakath

Rev. Sharon Ragland

Rev. Roger G. Smith

Rev. Sherry Brady

Rev. David M. Felten

Rev. Brian Kemp-Schlemmer

Rev. Ron Bartlow

Rev. Bob Holliday

Pastor Stuart Salvatierra

Rev. Jeri Page

Rev. David Harris

Rev. Galene Boyett

Rev. Tom Wick

Pastor Jeannie Morago

Rev. Dr. Evelyn McDonald

Pastor Tim Hunsinger

Rev. Peggy Ward

Rev. Brooke Isingoma

Rev. Jen Lambert

Pastor Bob Klein

Rev. Brenda Smith

Rev. Katherine Tang

Rev. Khalif Smith

Rev. Lynn Bartlow

Rev. Mark Conrad

Rev. Asa Holly

Rev. Janessa Chastain

Rev. Meridith Grandy Jones

Rev. Judith E.Boroto

Rev. Jeff Procter-Murphy

Rev. Andrea Andress

Rev. David Devine

Rev. Mary Klaehn

Rev. Mary Bullis

Rev. Louie Lyon

Rev. Javier Olivares

Rev. Tom Mattick

Rev. Paul Self-Price

Rev. Larry M. Gerber

Rev. Dr. Eugene W. Friesen

Rev. Dr. Bert Lewis

Rev. Clifford Asay

Rev. Linda E De Atley

Rev. Dr. Ivan Burnett, Jr.

Rev. Dr. Laura O'Neil

Rev. William Killian

Rev. Michael Higgs

Rev. Dr. Kelly B. Bender

Rev. Robert Stanley

Rev. Dr. Laura O'Neil

Rev. Paul D Caseman

Pastor Janet Keffer

Rev. Ed Denham

Rev. Dr. David M. Alberts

Rev. Jeanne Festa

Rev. Dr. Lucy L. Jones

Pastor Andrew Devereaux

Rev. Mike Pearson

Rev. Stewart Lewis

Rev. Cynthia Kristopeit

Rev. Robert Mitchell

Rev. Karen Appleby

Rev. Jane Baker

Rev. Dr. Roy W Ludlow

Rev. Deborah Lerner

Rev. Dot Saunders-Perez

Rev. Shirley Wells

Rev. Gary Kriege

Pastor James A. O'Neal

Pastor Noni Dye

Pastor Robert Gilfert

Rev. Monte J Baker

Pastor Nicholas Grainger

Rev. A. Thomas Jelinek

Rev. John Flowers

Rev. N Susan Brims

Rev. Alma Aguirre-Olivares

Rev. Thomas E. Kiracofe

Rev Jim Wallasky

Rev. Jonathan Hall

Rev. Dr. George Cushman

Rev. David Devereaux

Rev. Tony Dawson

Rev. Jessica Goad

Rev. L. Michael Kelley

Rev. Leah Bergstrom

Rev. Lori Martin-Dewitt

Rev. Beth Rambikur

Pastor Maribel Calvo

Rev. Dr. Peter Vaught

Rev. Dr. James Lubach

Pastor Antonietta Fernandes


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